"Gina is very passionate about helping others with her coaching. She has a consistently sweet and nurturing nature that truly connected and inspired me. Part strategist and part thought provoker, she brings a calm and steady curiosity to her coaching, which has helped put me in motion to getting the result I was looking for. I value the time spent with her and wouldn’t be as far along in achieving my goal without her support."
"Gina has such an amazing personality! She made it so easy for me to trust her and be vulnerable with her. Growing up fatherless had a very negative and lasting effect on me for my entire life. She was able to help me work through all of that and I came out the other side with love, compassion and closure. I learned how to see my worthiness and how to not let my past have power over me anymore. And that to me is priceless."
"I am 45 years old and I caught myself thinking: "I wish I had done this program 20 years ago...my life would have been so much easier and much more joyful!" But I suppose things present themselves at the time when you are ready for them and I am grateful that I got rid of all this unnecessary weight on my shoulders now, rather than never at all! The sessions were done once a week and I did them by zoom, which was surprisingly easy for a technophobe like me, so I could meet Gina in my living room in Spain, while she was in the US. During the week I was working on myself and on my thoughts and it was always lovely to look forward to the next session with her. I can honestly say it was a healing journey for me!"
"I was invited to be part of the 6-week coaching program with Gina for women who grew up without a Father. It was most helpful to me. I felt stuck in some of my thoughts about myself, still struggling with feelings of self-doubt, wanting others approval to feel my worth. I wanted to be free of these past feelings and know that it did not have anything to do with my self-worth. I did the homework. I focused on it. I was intentional about it. In the course of 6 weeks, I was guided to learn new ways of thinking and feeling about my Father and about myself. I honestly do not have those negative feelings anymore. I feel peace about it, and I choose to think different thoughts about myself and others. I learned the skills I needed to face thoughts and feelings that come up because I experienced such a loss. However, I am now the hero in my own story."
"I have known Gina for sometime, never thought she would change my life... She texted before this adventure started and asked if we could talk via a Zoom conversation. In that conversation she noted, "you are going to cry". Being through multiple therapists/coaches/or whatever, I disagreed. I was wrong. Where I was in my life I figured what the hell. When she said I have only worked with one other guy, I definitely considered different options. Being an ex-NFL player, I have had access to some of the best minds in the country. Gina has the ability to challenge you daily, even though she doesn't know it. I have so many post it's and notepads with what she's taught me, tears of joy and tears of sadness. They all have helped me become a better person, man, son, husband and father. I have recommended her to everyone."