Do you feel like something is wrong with you because you grew up with an unavailable parent and you are still struggling from your past?

I get it. It haunted me too. I grew up without a father.

I had a hard time getting past the thought, “my past should have been different”.  It had many affects on me though out my life.

Hello.  My name is Gina Pohl.

I am a Certified Life Coach.

You don’t have to feel the affects of growing up with an unavailable parent anymore.


avoiding situations that may recall a negative response


to process your thoughts and have better outcomes

Coaching will give you the tools to forever change the way you respond to having an inactive parent. 

My name is Gina Pohl, founder of Straight Talk Life Coaching.  I help people who grew up with an unavailable parent.  I specialize in identifying and repairing trauma surrounding the experience of having an inactive parent.  The methods we establish together will heal old wounds so that you can move forward, manage triggers, and develop new pathways to understanding your experience of having an inactive parent.