The Fill in Parent

When you were a kid, did you have a fill in parent?
Someone who you looked up to in place of the parent you were missing.
I had two – my grandpa (the fun one) and my uncle (the disciplinary one).
My grandpa would let me follow him around. I would watch him work. Machinery, wood, all kinds of stuff. I would ask him a million questions and just hang out with him.
My uncle was the one who sat me down for talks when I got in trouble at school. This happened often…
He and I had fun too. But I was scared of him, which was good for me in my teen years.
I was always thankful for them and loved them. But I always knew they belonged to someone else.
My mom’s dad. My cousin’s dad. Not my dad.
Now I realize that even though they weren’t there 24/7 – I did learn and was guided by them. They loved me and I loved them. Just because they weren’t “my” dad, doesn’t have to mean they weren’t mine.
I am a coach who Helps People who Grew Up with an Unavailable Parent so that they can Heal Old Wounds and Move Forward being able to Manage Triggers from the Past.
I am healed and found peace with my past by understanding it, accepting it, and not allowing it to define me. I talk and teach what I know from the scar, not the wound.
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